As threatened earlier, I’ve started to work Dance Dance Revolution (the specific version I have is DDRMAX, just for the record) into my exercise routine. I do it on days when either the weather is such that I’d rather not jog, or when I’m recovering from a cold and don’t feel like jogging but don’t mind exercising without leaving the house.

Interesting results. I sweat at least as much while playing DDR as I do when jogging. I almost never breathe as heavily, though. It does seem to get the heart rate up pretty well. My legs don’t feel as tired as they do when I’m jogging. All in all, I’m pretty sure that jogging does me more good than DDR does (especially since I suspect that I need aerobic exercise more than other forms of exercise), but DDR is probably better than nothing, and it’s possible that they’re helpful in complementary ways.

Certainly playing DDR is a lot more fun than jogging, even with iPod. The music is great, and there are enough songs there that it will take a while for me to get bored from the repetition. DDR and Katamari Damacy are convincing me that Namco has the best music of any video game company. (Though Space Channel 5 was pretty awesome, too…) Pleasantly challenging, with a nice learning curve.

The room layout isn’t that great: the couch is kind of close to the TV, which is fine for watching TV and playing video games normally, but not so great if you’re standing in front of the couch. For whatever reason, the pad shifts a little bit while I’m playing; that’s not too surprising, but what is interesting (to me, at least) is that it rotates clockwise. What asymmetry in my play style causes that? (It could be an asymmetry in the pad itself, but I can’t think of one.) I haven’t counted, but I think I use both feet about the same amount. (A little strange, actually: I would have expected I’d favor my right foot.) It may be the case that I hit the front arrow more with my right foot and the back arrow more with my left foot, but why would that cause rotation? Maybe I move more emphatically when going from front/back to side than in the other direction? Hard to say.

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