Yesterday was the last day of Kindergarten. Very sad (well, not very sad, but certainly poignant): no more Wednesday mornings in classrooms, I won’t see the other kids and parents for a few months, and even once next year starts, I won’t see the current first-graders much at all. And Sue Lampkin, Miranda’s fabulous teacher, is retiring. Sigh. I can’t say I’m thrilled about having to make Miranda’s lunch every morning over the summer, either, though not having to get out of the door early on Thursdays will be nice.

At least PACT manages to ease the blow: Miranda’s brought home a lot of stuff this week that she did over the year, and we had a very nice class potluck on Monday evening, where we all got to see each other one last time, do some celebrating, and look at stuff. The first graders had been doing autobiographies; I got to look at a couple of them, and they were great! Also, they handed out CD’s with a few hundred pictures (and some movies, I think) on them. So lots of stuff to remember people by; who knows, maybe I’ll even put some of the pictures on my home page, so people will be able to see pictures of Miranda without, say, a pacifier in her mouth…

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