Miranda’s been taking dance lessons for the last year. Actually, for longer than that – they offered dance lessons at her preschool, so she took them there. She liked it enough to want to continue it this year, but it hasn’t been her favorite activity, so we’re not planning to continue it any more. But her school had a dance recital last weekend, which of course she wanted to participate in. So we went to that.

And it was a lot of fun! Her class is pleasant enough, but ultimately it’s a bunch of 5- and 6-year olds who aren’t the most focused people in the world. And the other classes at the same time are at not very advanced skill levels as well. So, while I was aware that there was a wide range of classes available at the school, I hadn’t really seen them.

But it was pretty cool seeing maybe 30 different classes show their stuff. There were several classes at or near Miranda’s level, but they were at all at least cute. And the kids definitely got better as they got older; the high-school-age kids seemed to me quite good. A whole range of dance styles, too. They mixed it up nicely (both in terms of ability and style), lots of different costumes, and they kept it moving quite briskly.

It didn’t change our mind on her continuing the lessons in the fall (nothing against the school, it just doesn’t seem to be her thing), but it was a nice final experience with the school.

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