Just got back from vacation; I trust that my weeks of silence didn’t cause any distress to my legions of loyal fans. We spent a couple of weeks in Paris; our first vacation since our honeymoon that didn’t involve visiting relatives. (This is what happens when one has a child.)

Loads of fun; I will post more about it over the next week, I expect. Miranda continued to maintain her status as perfect in every way, and a thorough delight to travel with. I wasn’t surprised that she did great in restaurants; I honestly was a little surprised at her museum stamina. We got a good look at almost all of the ground floor of the Musee D’Orsay (I become more of a Manet fan every visit), and even a not-insignificant chunk of the Louvre. Weird traffic patterns there – in particular, why is the lovely covered statue courtyard that they created a decade or so ago on the north side so sparsely populated? Miranda liked it, too: because of the Disney Hercules movie, she wanted capsule explanations of all of the statues of Greek figures.

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