The dogs, or at least Yosha, have not been happy recently. First, they were kenneled over the holiday break – we didn’t go anywhere, but we didn’t realize that we weren’t traveling until after we had to drop them off. (Just as well: we really needed sleep for a few days there, and weren’t in much shape to look after them.)

And last Saturday, five days after we picked them up from the kennel, they got haircuts; Yosha apparently was not at all well behaved during his. And then we went out to dinner that evening (Cafe Brioche), and on Sunday we went out for lunch (dim sum at Bamboo Garden) and combined grocery shopping with some other stores.

The result was that I looked over at Yosha on Sunday and he was quivering (shaking, really). A little of that may have been being cold because of the haircut, but mostly it was just nerves. And he was doing it again yesterday. Poor guy.

In the future, we will remember to not schedule haircuts a week after trips.

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