Anybody have any good Japanese pop recommendations? I suspect that there’s music to be found there that I would enjoy, but I don’t have any good routes in. So far, I’m dipping my toes in based on video games and movies, which is fine, as far as it goes. From the former, “Everlasting Love” continues to be excellent, and Miranda and I are big fans of the theme song to The Cat Returns, so I got a CD of music by Tsuji Ayano containing that. But I don’t yet like the other songs on that CD nearly as much, though admittedly they are growing on me, so I don’t think I’m going to seek out much more of her singing. (And ukelele playing!)

I’ll try visiting a local Japantown and see what I can find. I’m also in the market for Korean pop: I get the impressing that it’s starting to seriously take off, and the music that I hear in our local Korean restaurant is pleasant enough.

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