It seems like a lot of cars these days have red rear turn signals, instead of yellow ones. Am I right in thinking that this is a relatively new thing? And is there any good reason for it? It kind of annoys me; yellow turn signals are a well-established part of cars’ external UI, so why change it? It’s not that big a deal – turn signals are still the only blinking signals on the car (other than the hazard lights, which are the same color as the turn signals anyways), but still.

So: why are car manufacturers doing it? I seriously doubt that it’s because people prefer to drive cars with red turn signals; in fact, drivers are probably unaware of the color of their rear turn signals. (I just realized that mine were red, and we’ve owned the car for almost three years.) Maybe they think that having the rear lights be all white and red will give a more visually appealing look. (Some cars have a yellow bulb but a clear color over the bulb, making the back look white and red unless you look closely.) Maybe there’s some primordial source of this, some recent car that was the first to do this and sold a lot, leading to imitators. Beats me…

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