A week after installing FC4 on the new machine, I wiped it and installed FC5. Which one of my coworkers recommended; I was planning to do an upgrade, if for no other reason than to avoid having to burn 5 more CD’s, but it refused to upgrade from local images. (Sigh.) So I had to burn new CD’s anyways, and once I’d burned them, I figured that I might as well start from a clean slate, since there was almost nothing there.

Which was a good move, I think; it only took me about half an hour to get to (a little past, actually) where I was before, once the install was completed. At work I’ll try upgrading just using yum, though…

I guess next I should install Sun’s Java rpms (or am I supposed to get those from another source to make them more FC-friendly somehow?), then migrate my Subversion repository (will rsync work? Who knows, svnadmin is doubtless safer), then move over my home directory, and then I’ll start using it for real.

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