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Archives for July, 2006

an active prefrontal cortex is a happy prefrontal cortex

I’m mostly done with Brain Age now: I’ve unlocked everything, and while I think I’ll finish all the sudoku and might still do a few more rounds of some of the other exercises, I’m starting to get bored of it. (But I still want to try to get 12 on Low to High, or get […]

back from vacation

Vacation’s over now; back to work tomorrow. Some random notes: Miranda managed to last through all five plays we went to. She fell asleep during one; I, on the other hand, dozed a bit during two. All good, but our consensus favorite was London Assurance, which we’d never heard of before. It turns out that […]

initial release of unit test framework

I’ve got the unit test framework cleaned up a bit: its interface should be relatively stable now, there’s some amount of documentation, and doing ‘make install‘ should work. Still more stuff to do before I want to announce it more widely – at the very least, I should make a tar file available, but some […]

holt on responsibility

From the preface to the revised edition of How Children Fail, by John Holt: After this book came out, people used to say to me, “When are you going to write abook about how teachers fail?” My answer was, “But that’s what this book is about.” But if it is a book about a teacher […]

random links: july 6, 2006

We feel fine. Ed Felten goes ski jumping. Lean healthcare. Trained to fear. Visual complexity. Files are not for sharing.

the progressive

One of the things I’ve been doing on vacation is going through my backlog of magazines. There are too many ways to make your suitcase heavier on a trip; might as well find ways to lighten it, by bringing discardable reading material along. They only make some of their issues available online, so I can’t […]

who designs?

I’m in the middle of reading A New Theory of Urban Design. Not one of Alexander’s best (though it’s interesting enough); it’s hurt by problem that, as he comments, part of the theory that he’s discussing “remains unpublished. It will appear in a later volume of this series, “The Nature of Order”. Which turned into […]

kaze ni naru

The Cat Returns isn’t one of my favorite movies. I’m happy for Miranda to watch it, and I won’t normally leave the room just because she has it on, but Studio Ghibli has produced much better stuff. The theme song, however, I totally love. (Miranda and Liesl agree with this.) Very catchy in a rather […]


We just spent most of a week in Oberlin, visiting my parents. We got to see two of Miranda’s cousins for the first time in over two years; they are truly excellent. (It was nice to see my parents too, to be sure.) Downtown Oberlin has changed somewhat since I lived there. More restaurants, which […]