I just upgraded to iTunes 7; I wish I hadn’t. Downloading fancy album cover is nice (though I wish I hadn’t had to give a credit card number to do so); the reflected images of the album covers are a bit much, but whatever. We’ll see how gapless playback works.

Unfortunately, it turns out that a certain piece of core functionality is broken: as far as I can tell, there is no way to tell it to automatically sync most podcasts with my iPod but to let me manually manage some of them. The previous mechanism that I’d been using for this (only sync checked episodes) has gone away. (The checkboxes themselves are still there; maybe the option will be restored in a future update?) The user interface lets me drag and drop episodes, which should also work just fine, but they don’t actually show up on the iPod.

So: buggy software. If it were free software, I’d probably be able to easily find some place I could get a definitive answer and/or file a bug; with Apple, there seems to be no way to do that. There do seem to be customer forums where I can whine; not clear that doing so will help, but who knows. I do hope there will be an update fixing this soon; if not, I guess I’ll look into free software for managing the beast.

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