Not sure yet how this game will go, but it’s looking up all of a sudden. For much of the half, the Warriors couldn’t really get anything going; the Mavs weren’t doing anything too special either, though, so the Warriors stayed within 8 or so. But then Pietrus came in, and had several excellent blocks and a really stunning dunk out of nowhere on an offensive rebound, and the energy went way up and the score got closer. At the end of the half, it’s tied, in the most improbable fashion imaginable: the Warriors were down three, got the ball back with 1.1 seconds left and made a half-court shot to tie it. (Their three-point shooting sucked through most of the half, but it picked up towards the end.)

So it’s tied now, with the energy in the Warriors’ fashion. They need to keep up the energy and cut down a bit on the bone-headedness (the worst of which was hotdogging on a three-on-one that turned a guaranteed score into an attempt at an alley-oop foiled by a non-shooting foul); I’m looking forward to the second half.

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