I don’t watch basketball much. I don’t have anything against the sport – it seems reasonably entertaining to watch – but the baseball season alone already provides more sports than I really feel like watching over the course of the year. And it doesn’t help that my local team for the last eight years has been bad, slow, boring, with boneheaded management.

Until recently. One trade last year gave a glimmer of hope, a managerial hire this year gave another. And then they unloaded several mediocre, slow players and got a bunch of rather good ones in return. (I have no idea what Indiana was thinking when they made the trade.) Still, I saw that as a sign of hope (doubtless soon to be dashed) for the future rather than a move that would pay off this season. And they went into a slump which seemed to confirm that.

But then they won nine out of their last ten ending the season, and now they’re in the playoffs for the first time in more than a decade. Of course, their opponent, Dallas, has by far the best record in the league, so they don’t any realistic chance, do they?

Apparently they do. The A’s game wasn’t on this evening (stupid Comcast), so I watched most of game 3 of the Warriors’ playoff series; and they just beat the crap out of Dallas. You’d never believe that the Warriors’ record this season was .512; you’d never believe that the Mavericks’ record was .817. I saw several amazing plays, and the Warriors were clearly far from intimidated.

Right now, they’re leading the (best of seven) series 2-1. Dallas is a very good team, it could obviously go either way. But I am impressed with what I’ve seen.

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