I ran across a couple of video demos of interesting music hardware recently. Both are basically sequencers with unusual user interfaces:

First, Tenori-On. (Found via GayGamer):

And Reactable. (Found via Lost Garden, which throws in some neat ideas of its own.)

I don’t have much to add; I’m curious how they work in practice. Especially Tenori-On: it seems to have a more limited set of choices than Reactable, but the output is also far more interesting to listen to / watch. Is it really that easy to produce good-sounding music from it, or is the video just the result of somebody who knows the device inside and out?

Incidentally, one side effect of my going through tons of others’ posts about videos is that it’s now clear that I prefer embedded videos to being requested to click on a link to get through a video; I’ll switch to embedding videos myself whenever possible, on those few occasions when I want to refer to one.

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