Wow, I haven’t been blogging much recently, have I? Sorry about that; I do most of my blogging on weekends, and the last few weekends have been pretty busy. (And much of my weekday free time in the evenings has been spent watching Twelve Kingdoms.)

Fortunately, I have not been slacking off on all of my side activities: I’m finally caught up with all the back episodes of JapanesePod101! I even managed to catch up a couple of months earlier than I predicted, largely due to the fact that, for a while, they were only doing two episodes a week that were at about the right level for me instead of three episodes a week. (I listen to all the episodes, I just pay more attention to some than others.)

Actually, learning Japanese has been going well for the last two or three months. I was unhappy with how long it took me to go through the first ten chapters of the textbook I’m using; since then, I’ve done six more chapters, and only one of them took more than two weeks, so my pace has increased noticeably. (And that one only took three weeks.) And I’m up to 301 characters in my march through the Joyo Kanji; I still have years to go on that journey, but at least it isn’t showing any signs of stalling.

Happy signs everywhere.

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