Time for another tour through my saved items queue in Google Reader. No new categories since last time; the numbers of items in those categories, with the difference from last time, are:

  • blog: 7 (+5)
  • book: 32 (+7)
  • commented: 0 (-2)
  • flash-game: 10 (+2)
  • long: 28 (+14)
  • music: 13 (+6)
  • podcast: 28 (+8)
  • recommendation: 17 (+6)
  • short: 0 (0)
  • think: 12 (+3)

For a total of 147 items, an increase of 49 over last time. Which is 49 off of my prediction.

Hmm, not sure I’m learning anything any more from these posts. Note that all the categories except for blog, commented, and short are part of my someday/maybe list; the three short-term categories aren’t growing (the 7 items in “blog” just means it’s been a little while since a “random links” post), but the someday/maybe categories are. Which is fine; I still get occasional use out of the collection of saved items, and the fact that those categories are growing just says that I have other priorities in my spare time right now.

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