I’m sticking with Twitter, at least for the time being: twittering turns out to be reasonably fun, and my earlier blog post plus a mailing list query turned up enough names to make a critical mass of both people I’m interested in following and people interested in following me. Including a couple of other people who were apparently prompted to join because of my messages, which suggests that I’m not the only person I know who was thinking of joining.

I guess the next steps are to find a Linux client (shouldn’t be hard, I guess I can just do it via IM?) and add a few more people to follow. So far I’ve been following a few people I know and a few of the bloggers I read whose tweets are relatively interesting. Which certainly isn’t the case for all bloggers I read; come to think of it, the sort of tweets I prefer from people I know personally are rather different from the sorts I prefer from people I don’t know. I still need more people to follow, because my stream is thinner than I’d like and too heavily dominated by the relatively few frequent posters, but it’s a good start.

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