Miranda and I formed a band today on Rock Band. We are going by the name “The Brosstones”; perhaps not the best, but I’d neglected to think about possible band names in advance. (Alas, the other Bross has yet to join us; she did spend a fair amount of time this weekend playing DDR, for what that’s worth.)

I assume there is a way to link to some page associated to my band online somehow, but I haven’t yet figured it out. Or maybe I need to register somehow? I did create a page at the Rock Band website; at some point, I’ll link that to my Xbox Live gamertag, and then happy things will happen?

Miranda was on vocals, I was on guitar. Lots of fun was had by all; we went as far as winning a van, so on to Amsterdam and/or London next. I managed to add facial hair, which made me happy. She wasn’t familiar with most of the songs (and, for that matter, neither was I), which can cause problems with vocals, but she did a good job of figuring them out on the fly, and the guitar parts were easy enough that I could go into overdrive periodically to get her out of the danger zone.

At least on Medium, I could; Hard was just hard enough that I couldn’t reliably go into overdrive frequently enough when playing through the songs for the first time. I spent a little while in the afternoon starting to go through the songs on Hard, so I’ll be more used to them. Medium is pretty boring, even on the first time through the songs; either my memory is faulty or this seems easier than the original Guitar Hero was. Which makes a lot of sense, given the multiplayer/party focus of the game.

I still haven’t tried drums. (Or vocals or bass, for that matter.) Maybe next weekend? Probably not, I usually like to finish one thing first, so I’ll probably concentrate on our band and on solo guitar for now.

I haven’t listened to pop music much since around 1989 or so, so most of the songs and artists were new to me, but I quite liked the songs in general. I’m very open to recommendations for downloadable content. And I’m very much hoping that the rumor that The Beatles might be showing up soon is true; I would happily spend the price of this game again, or even more, to get all of their albums…

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