I’ve been going through the back episodes of the Brainy Gamer podcast, and I must say that I am extremely annoyed with Mr. Abbott. The problem is his game recommendations: he has the most infuriating way of talking about games that I was aware of and favorably disposed to and turning them into games that I really have to play Right Now. Or at least Very Soon.

Just how much time do you think I have, Mr. Abbott? Sure, I can probably squeeze in a few hours to play Rez HD—if I’m remembering correctly, the original wasn’t that long—and I should be able to play A Mind Forever Voyaging when I’m on vacation, but but how on earth am I supposed to find time to play Persona 3? Or seriously explore Burnout Paradise? I hope No More Heroes isn’t too long, and I think I’ll manage to resist the lure of Odin Sphere, but I do have a day job! (And, on a more mainstream note, I’d like to play BioShock soon. And GTA IV. And I’m trying to avoid saying the word Oblivion too often.)

If my coworkers report a rise in my “working from home” at some point, you’ll know whom to blame. Good thing I only have one and a half podcasts left to listen to; mercifully, he only records one every three weeks or so, and at that rate I shouldn’t get into too much deeper a hole. But there’s no way I’m going back and looking through his older blog posts.

(Hmm, a more serious thought that this sparked: how about the idea of a video game club? Like a book club, a group of people who play the same game at the same time and talk about it. I realize that this happens all the time with new games right when they’re released, but how about trying it for older games?)

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