Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations is the third game in the Phoenix Wright series. I don’t have a lot to add beyond what I said before: it’s a good series, and if you’ve played the other games, then by all means play this one as well, while if you haven’t, give the first game a try.

The mechanics haven’t changed at all since the second game, which is fine; there’s enough to do, and if they’d added anything more, I suspect it would have felt gimmicky. The game starts off a good deal harder than the earlier games, with very little gentleness towards newcomers; fortunately, it doesn’t get any harder after the second case, and in fact I found the last case slightly easier than some of the earlier ones. (Or maybe my brain was just getting back in the groove.)

Amusing enough new characters, but no spectacular additions. (Though the chef is quite something, for better or for worse.) They continued the story arcs set up in the first two games, bringing it all to a conclusion in the last case of this game; timeless plotting it isn’t, but it did all come together acceptably (if not wonderfully) at the end. As with the earlier games, Liesl played all the way through this one, finishing it before I did. (Partly because I was obsessing over Professor Layton.)

I’m not 100% sure that I’ll play future games in the series, now that this plot arc has come to a conclusion; if Liesl wants to, I will, otherwise who knows. (It may depend as much as anything on how many vacations I take.) But I’m quite glad I played through these three.

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