I was all excited to start playing Grim Fandango, so when my copy arrived today, I figured I’d spend the evening getting wine to work.

Which took a little bit of doing, enough to create a blog post out of, but ultimately I got to where I could launch the game and go through the opening movie.

Which ends: ah, I’m in control now! I hit an arrow key, my character moved. And then no other arrow keys did anything.

I repeated a few times; in later attempts, I couldn’t even move once. I could hit F1 during the cut scene to get to a menu, but the arrow keys didn’t work there. So: the first keystroke works, nothing after that? Not good.

Sigh, I am frustrated. One of my coworkers mentioned VirtualBox; I guess I’ll give that a try next? I really don’t want to have to drag my old Windows machine out of retirement…

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