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Archives for August, 2008

i am too busy

Through the start of the year, I was pleasantly busy: working, hanging out with family, playing games, reading blogs, blogging, reading books, learning Japanese, doing some non-work programming. Lots of stuff, but none of it was overwhelming, and I enjoyed the mix. This has, unfortunately, changed over the last few months: I’ve changed from feeling […]

weekly reviews

One aspect of GTD that has surprised me is the weekly review. The idea here is that, once a week, you go over all your projects (and their associated tasks) and all your someday/maybe items, to make sure that your current projects are all on track and that your current projects are what you think […]

help us decide what game to play next

We’re kicking off a discussion on what game the Vintage Game Club should do next.

grim fandango, year 4 and final thoughts

The final year of Grim Fandango was my favorite. Plot-wise, it drew things together nicely, letting you visit some of your old haunts in the bargain. It was perhaps not quite as interesting in that regard as year two (though, now that I think about it a bit more, I’m not so sure – year […]

grim fandango, year 3

Year 3 of Grim Fandango has come in for a lot of criticism in the Vintage Game Club forum, so I wasn’t expecting much when I started playing it. And my fears were confirmed by the first puzzle: the obvious thing to do doesn’t work, but it’s not at all obvious that it doesn’t work. […]

n’gai, publicity, older games

The latest Brainy Gamer podcast is up, and it’s an interview with N’Gai Croal. The whole thing’s great, go listen to it, but in particular one thing that he talked about is something that’s been on my mind: the way that enthusiast press coverage of videogames is heavily weighted towards the preview period. I’ve talked […]

memory project is deployed

I’d been intending for a while to write a program to help me memorize stuff, most notably Japanese vocabulary. I’d been kind of goofing of for a while, reading much of the Rails book and taking the first few baby steps towards creating the Rails app, but nothing serious. Which is a problem, given that […]

garbage disposal installed

After hours of phone calls (and weeks of calendar time) dealing with garbage disposal annoyances, I made an appointment to have the damn thing taken out today – I’d never had a garbage disposal in any place I lived before, why did I need one now? Turns out it’s not so easy: the building code […]

grim fandango, year 2

I finished year 2 of Grim Fandango last night (I played it over the course of three nights), and in several ways I didn’t like it as much as year 1. I spent my first play session getting familiar with the environments; what this mostly meant was that I wandered all over the map, repeatedly. […]