For the second time in the last week, I am regretting that I didn’t blog about a work as soon as I finished it. But the series in question is too good for me to completely ignore an excuse to write about it, and I did take a few notes right after I finished it, so:

Reading The Alchemy has done nothing to lessen my suspicion that the color volumes of Kabuki are the most beautiful comics in existence. This volume is perhaps less so than, say, the fifth volume, but that’s okay: its style fits in with this volume’s experimentation, the way it puts together sometimes simpler fragments in unexpected ways.

I’m not sure what I expected this volume to be like, but I’m quite sure I never would have imagined how it actually turned out. Which is good: the series could easily have fallen into a rut, as an action series about beautiful women fighting crime. Instead, it took a fairly large turn away from that; the main worry that I have now is that the series will go too far into megalomania, in the “grand theory of everything” direction.

Or maybe not; for all I know, this is going to be the last volume of the series. Which is fine with me; I have a hard time seeing how Kabuki’s story is going to develop further, and while I wouldn’t be against individual volumes about the other agents, I wouldn’t want to see that at the expense of the main story. Then again, David Mack clearly has more imagination about how to develop Kabuki’s story than I do; if more volumes do appear, I’ll be first in line to buy them. But if he decides to work on something else instead, that’s great too.

Anybody read any of his Daredevil volumes? Are they anywhere near as interesting or visually stunning as these ones?

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