Over the last few weeks, I’ve been finding enough unusual projects imposing on my time that I think I’m going to have to shuffle my priorities, albeit temporarily. I’ve been wanting to do more programming at home than normal recently: aside from improving the memory project, I want to spend a bit of time getting back into functional programming. And then there’s conference preparation work on top of that.

Being a good GTD devotee (or a good lean/agile devotee), this means that something has to go. Fortunately, I’m actually pretty well on top of things right now—in particular, my Next Action list is about as short as I can ever remember its being—so I shouldn’t have to prune too much; but I have to prune something. And I’m certainly not going to take a break from learning Japanese—in fact, one of the unintended consequences of the memory project has been to make there be pretty serious consequences if I take even a couple of days off from my study. (One could make a sensible case that I am being a total idiot in subscribing to ChineseClass101 right now, however. Though I certainly don’t intend to treat that as seriously as I’m treating learning Japanese.)

So I think my only choice is to cut down on my video game playing for the time being. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not going to stop completely, you’ll still find me every Thursday evening at the VGHVI play nights, and I’ll keep up with VGC activities. I imagine I’ll do some playing and blogging outside of that, too, but for those of you who read this blog for game-related content, don’t be surprised if there are relatively slim pickings here for a while.

But don’t unsubscribe, either! In particular, my conference activities won’t continue forever, so by the fall I should be back to normal. Heck, I might even be back to normal after Agile 2009—I certainly want to find time in early September to play a certain game.

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