I don’t have a lot to say about Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box—it’s a great game (my wife and I both blew through it in a few days, and Miranda also zoomed through most of it), but it adds essentially nothing to the formula created by its predecessor.

One thing that struck me: when you launch the game from a save, it gives you a little cut scene that brings you back into the game world by reminding you what you’ve just done and where you’re going. A nice touch, one that games could adopt more, though perhaps it’s better suited to 2D games than 3D games.

There hasn’t been much blogged about the game, but I did run into a few posts: from the Experience Points Blog, Jorge Albor gives us a review and Scott Juster discusses the main character and the game’s linearity; Chas of Boldstate talks about how the tea-drinking minigame has changed his life.

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