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Archives for July, 2010

joined the mickey mouse club

This week’s excitement has been that Disney announced on Tuesday that they are buying Playdom. Which I’m pretty happy about! I wouldn’t have minded if we’d tried to go it alone, but that’s a hard path to follow; and, if we’re going to be acquired by somebody, Disney’s a great choice. I was worried that […]

lessons from reeder

As I mentioned before, I love using my iPad as an RSS reader, and in particular I think Reeder is a great program. I liked it enough that I figured I might as well download the iPhone version, and I gave it a try when I was recently visiting my parents. And I enjoyed using […]

started a link blog

For reasons which I’ll explain later, I’ve decided to discontinue my occasional link roundups here, and instead put individual links on a linkblog at links.malvasiabianca.org/. So subscribe to that if you like that sort of thing, and don’t if you don’t! I decided to go with Tumblr, for what it’s worth; the bit of poking […]

server excitement

A couple of months ago, I was poking around and noticed that online backup options were rather cheaper than I’d thought. Amazon S3 is 15 cents / month / GB; that, unfortunately, has a bit of an impedance mismatch with my previous backup-via-ssh strategy. But my home directory on my home server is only a […]

more ipad experiences

I don’t intend to do too much iPad blogging here, but a few experiences we’ve had recently: Liesl’s dad visited us last month, and spent quite a lot of time playing with the iPad. He probably spent more time playing Flight Control HD than anything else, but he also clearly enjoyed using it for web […]


I had two questions when I started playing the Edgeworth game: how would the role reversal of playing as a prosecutor work, and how would the transition from viewing static screens to walking around environments work? And the answer to both was the same: less of a change than you’d think, but that’s okay. Or […]