I promised a post on why I created my linkblog, but then I forgot to talk about it in my recent Reeder post. The primary trigger was in fact my increased iPad usage: I find it annoying to read others’ link roundup posts on the iPad/iPhone, and it’s also a bit of a pain to write that sort of post on the iPad.

But there are a couple of lurking issues behind this change, too. Link roundup posts make it harder for me to save one particular link for later perusal; or, from a philosophical point of view, I don’t have a URI that I can use to refer to the link recommendation. (This is the main thing that bothers me with Twitter’s new retweet feature, too.) Also, I don’t want the link roundup posts to overwhelm this blog, but that has led to batching, which leads to a wealth of problems, so I’d rather eliminate that bit of Work in Progress.

So a separate linkblog seemed like the way to go. And Tumblr seemed easy to use, and I like the way it encourages building off of others’ recommendations while preserving recommendation history. (In other words, it nicely avoids the URI problem mentioned above.) And I’m certainly happy with it so far; I wish it had a native iPad client, and I wish that Reeder added Tumblr to its list of link forwarding locations, but neither of those is a serious problem.

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