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Archives for February, 2012

gdc 2012 schedule

Here’s my best guess at my schedule for GDC 2012. Please say hi if you see me; and I have no current plans for lunch on any of the days or dinner on Wednesday or Friday. (I’ll only be there for the main conference, I’m skipping the first two days.) Wednesday 9:00am: Flash Forward 11:00am: […]

moving away from google

A sentence which I have a hard time believing that I’m writing: for the last month or so, the default search engine on my two home computers has been set to Bing. Not because Microsoft has done such a wonderful job (though I’m more impressed with that company than I was five years ago), or […]

bug trackers are anti-agile (though less anti-gtd)

Once again, I find myself at a job that uses bug-tracking software (JIRA this time, as in my previous job; the job before that used Bugzilla); once again, I’m finding that the bug-tracking software gets on my nerves. And, it turns out, gets on my nerves specifically because of ways in which that software seems […]

motivators, space, and shu-ha-ri

We did end up talking about my teaching games post (among other things) in the February VGHVI Symposium; sadly, I had weird network problems which meant that I missed maybe a third of the conversation entirely and could listen but not speak in another third. Which is especially a pity because I think Roger and […]

fundamental differences, revisited

Right after hitting publish on my recent post on fundamental differences, I started to feel nervous about it. I’m fairly sure I didn’t explain myself fairly well, I’m fairly sure that I don’t actually agree with everything I said there, I’m fairly sure that there are parts that I still agree with now but that […]