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the alchemy

For the second time in the last week, I am regretting that I didn’t blog about a work as soon as I finished it. But the series in question is too good for me to completely ignore an excuse to write about it, and I did take a few notes right after I finished it, […]


About a year ago, I was browsing a local comic book store, and decided to pick up the first volume of Kabuki. Pleasant enough – I’m as happy to read comic books about attractive women beating the crap out of people as the next person – but flawed in its own ways, too. Still, I […]

video games

And now you can see the video games I’ve played recently. There’s still a little bit of refactoring to do on the code that I’ve checked in, and a little bit more code to write. But the previous constructs held up reasonably well; easy enough to add the new item types (video games, game consoles, […]


I added a stylesheet to dbcdb; here is an example of what it currently looks like. Move your mouse over a link without clicking on it and notice the a:hover effect. Most of the issues involved formatting definition lists properly; this page was helpful. I did have to modify my HTML, though; before, for compound […]