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Archives for December, 2004

disgusting food

A new cookbook we got had a recipe for gorgonzola and walnut “ice cream” that we tried last weekend. It looked a little strange: cream together 4 ounces of dolce latte gorgonzola, 8 ounces of mascarpone, add a half-cup of chopped walnuts, whip and fold in a half-cup of cream, and freeze. But all the […]

the programming bug strikes

On my way home from work today, I bought a (two-part) Java book. Nice to see that there’s a decent book out already covering Java 5 – typesafe collections are a good think. And I also got an XML book, which was actually written by a friend of mine; I’m sure it’s no Lambda Expressway, […]

organizing information

Whenever you rip a CD with iTunes, it looks up information about the contents of the CD in Gracenote’s CDDB: as hard as it is to believe in this world of digital information, a CD contains no information about its contents other than the number and length of its tracks and, of course, the music […]

electronics miscellany

The DVR developed a new failure mode yesterday – it forgot the TV schedule for the next week and all the recordings we had scheduled. Sigh. Electronics are getting too complicated these days. There is an update for the software available for it; it doesn’t say anything about that problem (or the DVR strange recording […]

hudson; ipod

I hope that Atlanta fans are happy right now; I’m certainly not. Was that really the best we could get for Tim Hudson? Was that really better than keeping him around for another year, or for that matter signing him long-term? Sigh. (And the Yankees seem to have wriggled out from under the Jaret Wright […]

i pod people

About a year ago, I started toying with the idea of getting an MP3 player: I’d recently taken up jogging (and I’m still doing it, a year later), and jogging is really boring. But after toying with the idea for a while, I gave it up, because none of the available players seemed to have […]

paper mario 2

As mentioned before, we’ve finished Paper Mario 2. Which is a bit of an event: it is, by my count, the fifth video game that Liesl has ever finished. Though it’s not as surprising as that statistic makes it seem: two of the previous games that she finished were the original Paper Mario and the […]

random access, top hat

When talking about the new DVD/DVR, I forgot to mention one advance: improvements in random access. DVDs aren’t better than video tapes just because they look better: they’re better because you don’t have to rewind them, you can jump to any scene (once you get past the annoying ads at the beginning), because they look […]

adventure games and rpgs

We’re done with Paper Mario 2 now (and I’m starting Metroid Prime 2 – what an amazingly bad menu system!), so I should probably continue talking about it. It’s such a quietly unusual game, though, that I think I have a couple of entries’ worth of material about it. Maybe it’s not that unusual; it […]


Have I extolled the virtues of Bittersweet, by Alice Medrich, here yet? I guess not. It’s a wonderful chocolate cookbook that I’ve been working through off and on; very good recipes, and many of them aren’t very difficult. Today, for example, I decided to make her “Truffles Au Cocolat” again, for the third time; since […]