I was in an Apple store the day before Thanksgiving to get a replacement power brick (the cable on mine had started to fray), and decided to pick up a copy of Leopard while I was there: the .1 update was already out, and while I was worried about the keyboard freeze problems, it didn’t seem widespread enough to terrify me. So I installed it over Thanksgiving.

Works fine. I gather there’s nice stuff under the hood, but I don’t particularly care about any of it yet. (Though I may buy a USB hard drive for use with Time Machine – there’s nothing irreplaceable on the machine, but it still feels like the right thing to do.) The extra eye candy is stupid, and in particular I could do without the new low-contrast “important folders” design, but I’ll live. The guest account is a nice idea, and my father used it that same weekend.

The autostarting X server is an interesting idea, and I like it if for no other reason that it means that I only start X if I ssh to another machine (which I only do about half the time), reducing the number of times that I have to tell the computer “yes, I really do want to shut you down, even though an apparently incredibly precious X server is running”. Though I could do without the new Safari warning when I have the temerity to shut down the computer if I have multiple tabs open in my browser.

Nice to see SVG support in Safari. There’s a bit of focus weirdness that interferes with my Reader workflow; I hope some of that gets fixed, but it’s not a big deal.

Not really sure that I’ve gotten $129 worth of value, but not a bad experience.

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