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Archives for June, 2008

random links: june 4, 2008

Untangle, a flash game about representing graphs as planar with straight edges. (Hmm, are there planar graphs that can’t be drawn with straight edges? Not clear to me.) I linked to another game like this before, but this one’s better. TypeRacer, if you’re curious how fast you type. (I’m usually in the 95-100 wpm range, […]

phoenix wright 3

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations is the third game in the Phoenix Wright series. I don’t have a lot to add beyond what I said before: it’s a good series, and if you’ve played the other games, then by all means play this one as well, while if you haven’t, give the first […]

erik ray, r.i.p.

I was very sad to learn that Erik Ray died on May 14, after being hit by a car while riding his bicycle. He was more of a friend-of-a-friend than a direct friend, but I certainly enjoyed the time I spent with him when we were both living in the Boston area. For those of […]