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Archives for April, 2009

chrono trigger

The Vintage Game Club chose Chrono Trigger as its fifth game. I never owned a SNES, so I missed the game its first time around; I did play through most of the PS1 port of the game, but found it a bit of a slog. Which, I’d gathered, had a lot more to do with […]

idea factory workshop at agile 2009

I was pleased to learn last week that the workshop that Brian Marick and I proposed for Agile 2009 has been accepted. It’s titled “Idea Factory”; since that link goes to a page behind a login barrier, I’ll just reproduce the description here. Summary Ever heard a programmer say “I think the code’s trying to […]

jobs and roles

One of my goals in going to GDC was to get a feel for what the industry is like on the inside. I think I succeeded in that, to some extent; what I wasn’t expecting, however, what that I’d learn so much about what I like about my current job, and about things to keep […]

inbox zero and technical debt

About 10 minutes into a talk he gave at the Philadelphia library, David Allen says: A lot of it was based upon my experience getting a black belt in karate. … One of the things you need to learn is the strategic value of clear space. Trust me, when four people jump you in a […]

back to cable

Despite our earlier plans, we are now back on cable TV again. We actually went pretty far in carrying out the plan: after getting lots of useful advice, I bought a Mac Mini and a PS3, along with various accessories, spent an hour or two rewiring things, and spent several hours over the next few […]

the alchemy

For the second time in the last week, I am regretting that I didn’t blog about a work as soon as I finished it. But the series in question is too good for me to completely ignore an excuse to write about it, and I did take a few notes right after I finished it, […]

random links: april 12, 2009

I’ve been meaning for ages to write about Jim Womack’s article on Respect for People, but I don’t seem to be getting around to it, so I’ll mention it here. A TED talk on underwater astonishments; if the beginning doesn’t capture your fancy or you’re short on time, go to the 4:20 mark. Everything you’d […]

update on working standing up

I’ve been working standing up for about three and a half months, so it’s more than time for me to provide an update on that experiment. Which is: somewhat to my surprise, I’m still doing it! I’m not going to go out and start proclaiming that it is the way everybody should work, and I’m […]

apollo justice

It took me a while to get around to playing Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. I’d enjoyed the earlier games in the series, but I’ve played through enough video game series (and, for that matter, read enough book series) to know how these things go: the initial spark that makes the first game special gets more […]

gdc gamer’s confab

I apologize for the lack of posts over the last week; I hope to remedy that over the coming evenings. In the meantime, I did have the pleasure of being one of the guests on the most recent Brainy Gamer podcast, a collection of confab segments on our recent GDC experiences; I thoroughly enjoyed the […]