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The baseball season is a month old, yet I don’t seem to have commented on it yet. I guess I’ve been thinking about other stuff, or maybe it’s because of all the Food Network stuff that we have on the DVR. Admittedly, being able to pause games is nice, except that it’s really depressing to […]

miscellany: fedora, work weeks, ddr, pujols

I was hoping that I’d be using Fedora Core 3 the next time I wrote an entry here, but ’twas not to be: I can’t get the damn CD’s written. I’ve eliminated all variables, using two different CD writers, two different CD readers, two different sources of blank CDs, two different downloads of the images […]

electronics miscellany

The DVR developed a new failure mode yesterday – it forgot the TV schedule for the next week and all the recordings we had scheduled. Sigh. Electronics are getting too complicated these days. There is an update for the software available for it; it doesn’t say anything about that problem (or the DVR strange recording […]

hudson; ipod

I hope that Atlanta fans are happy right now; I’m certainly not. Was that really the best we could get for Tim Hudson? Was that really better than keeping him around for another year, or for that matter signing him long-term? Sigh. (And the Yankees seem to have wriggled out from under the Jaret Wright […]

random access, top hat

When talking about the new DVD/DVR, I forgot to mention one advance: improvements in random access. DVDs aren’t better than video tapes just because they look better: they’re better because you don’t have to rewind them, you can jump to any scene (once you get past the annoying ads at the beginning), because they look […]

playoffs, round two

Imagine: last Friday, I thought the playoffs were getting boring. 2-0 leads in both series, no reason to think that either underdog had much of a chance. When driving to the restaurant on Saturday, the Red Sox had taken a lead, so I was starting to perk up, but by the time the meal was […]

no playoffs

The A’s neglected to make the playoffs this year. They just had to win the series this weekend with the Angels; they’ve already lost the first two games. I never seriously expected this to happen, though admittedly the A’s haven’t been overwhelming this year. Their bullpen started the season badly (I always expect Billy Beane […]


Jordan’s comment reminded me that I forgot about his other website. Which, at least currently, links to a page advertising his book, The Grasshopper King. Which I like a lot, so go buy it! I remember enjoying reading the manuscript when we were in grad school together, but in the mists of time I couldn’t […]