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Archives for June, 2005

dance recital

Miranda’s been taking dance lessons for the last year. Actually, for longer than that – they offered dance lessons at her preschool, so she took them there. She liked it enough to want to continue it this year, but it hasn’t been her favorite activity, so we’re not planning to continue it any more. But […]

baseball, computer, nausicaa miscellany

The A’s are continuing to do pleasantly well: they haven’t gone on a huge win streak or anything, but they’re winning almost every series these days. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by Bobby Crosby’s return; call me a pessimist, but even though he was rookie of the year last year, he only batted .239 last […]

aged indians

Yesterday was a good day for Indians of my youth. Julio Franco, 46 years old, an age normally reserved for knuckleballers and the occasional freak lefty reliever, went two for five with two steals. And the comparatively spritely Omar Vizquel, a 38-year-old babe in arms, went five for six, with a double and a triple, […]


We watched Nausicaa for the first time a week or two ago. At first, I wasn’t too impressed: even before watching it, I’d already half made up my mind that I wouldn’t like it as much as Miyazaki’s other movies, because of comparisons with other works of his: the manga version of Nausicaa is much […]

end of school year

Yesterday was the last day of Kindergarten. Very sad (well, not very sad, but certainly poignant): no more Wednesday mornings in classrooms, I won’t see the other kids and parents for a few months, and even once next year starts, I won’t see the current first-graders much at all. And Sue Lampkin, Miranda’s fabulous teacher, […]

dance dance revolution

As threatened earlier, I’ve started to work Dance Dance Revolution (the specific version I have is DDRMAX, just for the record) into my exercise routine. I do it on days when either the weather is such that I’d rather not jog, or when I’m recovering from a cold and don’t feel like jogging but don’t […]

supreme pot

It was pretty weird to read in the paper that the Supreme Count had a 6-3 opinion where the three were Rehnquist, Thomas, and O’Connor (with Scalia in the majority). And even weirder that I agreed with Rehnquist and Thomas. Such are the bedfellows that medicinal pot makes; I guess it’s not all that surprising […]


As I lamented about a month ago, the A’s offense has been subpar this year. What I didn’t expect was that it was actually going to get worse after that post: I had largely chalked it down to small sample size, and how long can that continue? But from May 1 to May 29, they […]


The upcoming game that I’m most excited about is Spore. It’s by Will Wright, the guy who did Sim City and The Sims, and I’ve never seen anything like it. Or rather, I’ve seen tons of things like parts of it, but nothing that puts its all together the way that this game is trying […]

kushiel trilogy

A little while back, I read Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel trilogy. A trilogy of thick fantasy novels, the sort of thing that I normally avoid, but I’d been getting the feeling over the last few years that I’d been avoiding fantasy novels more than I should. So when I ran into an interesting review of the […]

computer problems continue

My overheating theory sounded plausible, but it isn’t holding up too well: I’ve seen more memory complaints at boot, including complaints when the computer was turned on for the first time in the day. For a while, I hoped that only one of the DIMMs was problematic, but that theory isn’t holding up too well, […]