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Archives for October, 2005

resident evil 4

I didn’t play any of the Resident Evil games during the last generation. That was probably mostly because I didn’t have a Playstation back then; eventually, RE2 came out for the Nintendo 64, but it didn’t make enough of an impact for me to want to buy it. Also, the genre didn’t excite me too […]

css tweaks

My first attempt at adding CSS to dbcdb was nice, but it had some flaws. In some places, I didn’t express the syntax as gracefully as possible; it put in an ugly and unnecessary scroll bar if your web browser was less than 900 pixels wide; and bright red is pretty unsuitable for a header […]

dell bad; apple, ultra 20 good

So I was just thinking that I would avoid Dell and get a Sun Ultra 20 and a Powerbook, when along comes this post; I guess I’m on to something. (Part of the reason for my Powerbook craving is that all of the cool people at Sun seem to have one, including employee #1.)

dell annoyances; upgrade possibilities

Our laptop took an unfortunate tumble the other day; it turns out that it’s not the best idea to pick up a laptop from a high shelf while carrying a dog in the other arm. Most of the laptop survived the journey, but the CD drive tray snapped in half; oops. So I went to […]


I added a stylesheet to dbcdb; here is an example of what it currently looks like. Move your mouse over a link without clicking on it and notice the a:hover effect. Most of the issues involved formatting definition lists properly; this page was helpful. I did have to modify my HTML, though; before, for compound […]

generating valid xhtml

I just did my first work on dbcdb in about a month; if I was too sick to program for work, I was too sick to program on my pet projects. What I did was convert dbcdb to generate XHTML instead of plain old HTML. Which was trivial; the hard part was validating it. I […]


I recently read Maverick: The Success Story Behind the World’s Most Unusual Workplace, by Ricardo Semler. Pretty amazing; they give a remarkable amount of control to their workers, have remarkably few layers of management, and are remarkably open, flexible, and responsive. And, if the book is to be believed, it works extremely well. I was […]

bill king, r.i.p.

Bill King, the radio voice of the A’s for the last 25 years, died two days ago. I loved listening to him; he was an excellent play-by-play announcer, and he pulled in a delightful wealth of external referents. It will not be the same listening to A’s games next year. (At least those of us […]

battalion wars

I bought Battalion Wars for the Gamecube a month or so ago. Even as I bought it, I was thinking “why am I buying this when I have Jade Empire waiting to be played?” (Answer: I cut Gamecube games way too much slack.) Anyways, I gave it a try. It’s a sort of RTS, which […]


I finally bought an Xbox a few months ago. One thing it does right: it has a general console settings screen where I can tell it what my audio and video capabilities are. It’s just silly that I have to tell every Gamecube game “yes, I want surround sound; yes, I want progressive scan”. If […]

shenmue ii

Fortunately, the pneumonia drugs are working nicely. Compared to my dim memories of what I normally feel like, I’m still probably not doing too hot, but compared to the recent past, I feel great. So: back to our normal subject matter. Today: Shenmue II. The second part of a three-part series telling the story of […]


Two doctor’s visits later, it would seem that I have pneumonia. Sigh.

violent explusion of air

Now I’m in my second week of flu. I could do without this. From the virus’s point of view, the only point is to spread itself. Which breaks down into two components: reproduction and transmission. I’m not sure exactly where the reproduction is happening in my body; is it all over the place, or are […]

this spartan life

I just watched the first episode of This Spartan Life. I’m pretty sure that my liking it wasn’t solely a byproduct of the fever-ridden state of my brain.

plague and pestilence

I think (though I’m not completely sure) that we’re done with our lice infestation. But we’ve also had some diseases running through our house recently; the cold wasn’t so bad, but last weekend was Liesl’s turn to get the flu, and this weekend was mine. (Where by “weekend” I mean four or five days for […]