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Archives for April, 2008

saved items queue: april 30, 2008

Time for another tour through my saved items queue in Google Reader. No new categories since last time; the numbers of items in those categories, with the difference from last time, are: blog: 7 (+5) book: 32 (+7) commented: 0 (-2) flash-game: 10 (+2) long: 28 (+14) music: 13 (+6) podcast: 28 (+8) recommendation: 17 […]

sticking with twitter

I’m sticking with Twitter, at least for the time being: twittering turns out to be reasonably fun, and my earlier blog post plus a mailing list query turned up enough names to make a critical mass of both people I’m interested in following and people interested in following me. Including a couple of other people […]


I went back and reread the GTD book to see what I’d forgotten from my first read-through a year or two ago. Quite a lot, it turns out (in fact, almost everything except for the definition of a next action), about which more later, but one of the concepts that struck me the most was […]

just signed up for twitter

I just signed up for Twitter. (Should I capitalize the T or not? Hmm, looks like I should.) I mostly did that not because I want to start using it now but rather because I can imagine wanting to use it in the future, and, if I do so, I’d prefer to have a relatively […]

professor layton and the curious village

Professor Layton and the Curious Village is a puzzle-based adventure game. Actually, that probably gives the wrong impression, making you think that the game is about figuring out how to use these items to get access to a key that you can use to open a door over there; I should say instead that it’s […]

go buy okami

In honor of the release of the Wii version of Okami, I urge all of you who own a Wii (or a PS2) and who haven’t played the game yet to go out and buy a copy. More here, but the short version is: it’s an adventure game based on Japanese mythology with a beautiful […]

caught up on japanesepod101

Wow, I haven’t been blogging much recently, have I? Sorry about that; I do most of my blogging on weekends, and the last few weekends have been pretty busy. (And much of my weekday free time in the evenings has been spent watching Twelve Kingdoms.) Fortunately, I have not been slacking off on all of […]

comment management in wp 2.5

I’m not convinced I like the comment management UI in WordPress 2.5: I accidentally marked several previously-approved comments as spam and then deleted them. Fortunately, I noticed my mistake within a couple of hours, quickly enough that the most recent nightly backup was still around, but it was still an easier mistake to make than […]